Welcome to the Home Page of NewsTrak, LLC , "Where TV News Monitoring Comes First", (yeah we borrowed it from the News Guys).


Welcome to the NewsTrak website.  I won't try to dazzle you with a lot of rhetoric about all the fancy things we can do. Yes, we offer 202 of the 210 TV Markets, all the main National Networks (and many of the not-so-main ones).  We provide online Preview from all 202 markets, media portals and analytics, web monitoring with unique emphasis on local markets, online clip storage, email, ftp, DVD (with custom chaptering) and post production.  Oh, did I mention we record a lot of radio too?  (Although, some is monitored, some is not.)More on that later in FAQ.


Why would I chose to work with NewsTrak if I were a buyer?  I guess it comes down to this, plain old fashioned TV news monitoring.  Simply put - we take the time to dig deeper than the other guys. News monitoring is half science and half trial & error.  All monitors use Closed Captioning to monitor the content of a news broadcast.   (Closed Captioning- that's the text at the bottom of the screen that is supposed be what is being said.)  The problem with CC is that it's unreliable.  It can either be dead on or total jibberish.  If it is dead on cool!  You've struck gold!  If not, then you need someone willing to work; someone willing to hunt for the story you need.  NewsTrak is willing.  More on the problems with CC in the FAQ section.






Whether you are looking for all the Bells and Whistle or hunting for the Needle in the Haystack, NewsTrak can do it. Besides that we do it more economically (cheaper). For more on what we offer see the "Services Page". For more on CC, FTP, digtial formats and delivery, and other News Monitoring Tech stuff see the "FAQ". If you really want to know more about US see "About US"



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Manager NewsTrak
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